ACCE 2021 VIRTUAL Symposium Lecture Schedule
This Year Marks The 5th Annual ACCE Symposium and We Are Proud to Offer a Panel of World-Renowned Leaders in Electrodiagnosis To Quench Your Thirst for Clinical Excellence!  

NOTE: The American College of Clinical Electrodiagnosis is of the Council of Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics & Rehabilitation of the ACA

November 6th, Saturday

8:00 am - 8:50am - Sanjeev Nandedkar, PhD: Instrumentation - Objectives: (1) Understand signal amplification in presence of noise (2) Filters and how they affect signals and
their measurements (3) Analog to digital conversion of signal and associated pitfalls (4) Reduce noise and artifacts in nerve conduction studies.

9:00 am - 9:50am - Sanjeev Nandedkar, PhD: EMG waveform recognition: Spontaneous activity (Video Lab) –  Objectives: (1) Assessment of insertional activity
 (2) Recognizing spontaneous activity (3) Activity generated in muscle (fibrillations, positive sharp waves, complex repetitive discharge, myotonic discharge) (4) Activity originating from nerve/neuron (Fasciculation potential, Myokymic discharges, Neuromyotonic, Cramp).

10:00 am -10:50am - Jun Kimura, MD: Lecture on Basic Physiology and Waveform Analysis. Objective: To review the basic anatomy and physiology of the peripheral nervous system.

11:00 am - 11:50 am - Jun Kimura, MD: Demonstrate The Use of  Inching Studies for The Nerves in The Upper and Lower Limb. Objective: To demonstrate the proper               technique and to discuss circumstances when the inching technique may be valuable to localize the lesion in a peripheral nerve.

1:00 pm -1:50 pm - Sanjeev Nandedkar, PhD: EMG Waveform Recognition: Volitional activity (Video Lab): Objectives: (1) Motor unit potential waveform analysis (2)                 Recruitment of motor units (Facts and fancies) (3) Interference pattern analysis.

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm - Sanjeev Nandedkar, PhD: Autonomic Nervous System Testing –: Objectives: (1) Overview of anatomy (2) Sympathetic skin response recording (3)
R-R interval analysis (4) Demonstration of recording and analysis.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm - Jun Kimura, MD: Demonstrate on the use of late responses (F, H and A) for Neuropathies. Objective: To demonstrate the technique and usefulness of the  late responses.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm - Luis Vera, DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FIBE, DIBE, DABCE: Case Study: Diagnosis of Multiple Sensory Neuropathies via Electrodiagnostic Examination an             Impactful Event.  Objective: To review the diagnosis of multiple sensory neuropathies via electrodiagnostic examination. 

November 7th, Sunday

8:00am-8:50am - Wendy Sebetka, R.NCS.T: Nerve Conduction Study Waveform Recognition. Objective: Overview of the Various Waveforms in Motor and Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies. 

9:00am-9:50am - Wendy Sebetka, R.NCS.T:  Demonstration: Workup for Mononeuropathies and Other Disorders: Carpal Tunnel Workup (Routine studies, comparison studies: Motor and Sensory), Ulnar Neuropathy Workup (Routine studies, FDI, Inching). Objective: Demonstration of a Workup including set-up for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar Neuropathy.

10:00am-10:50am - Wendy Sebetka, R.NCS.T: Peroneal Neuropathy (Routine, Inching), Brachial Plexus (Axillary, Radial Sensory, Brachial Cutaneous Nerves of the Forearm.  Objective: Demonstration and overview of the set-up to test for peroneal neuropathy using routine and inching technique along with overview of testing brachial plexus including Axillary, Radial Sensory, Brachial Cutaneous Nerves of the Forearm.

11:00am-11:50am - Wendy Sebetka, R.NCS.T: Cranial Mononeuropathies with Demonstration of Facial Nerve, Blink Reflex and Spinal Accessory. Objective: Overview of cranial mononeuropathies with demonstration of technique and procedure to test the Facial nerve, blink reflex and spinal accessory nerve.

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