ABCE Diplomate Application

What is the benefit of certification by the American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis?


The grand goal of healthcare providers is to provide the most comprehensive diagnostic evaluation on our patients to properly diagnosis and manage the patient's health condition and to make the appropriate referral to a specialist if necessary. 

To provide this level of clinical excellence in the always evolving and advancing healthcare environment of neurodiagnostics, a certain level of experience, specific educational standards, ethical standards and safety standards are required to demonstrate proficiency.  

The American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis fulfills  this necessity for testing proficiency of electrodiagnosis in the chiropractic profession and to give the opportunity for doctors of chiropractic to become board certified. 

Once a doctor of chiropractic meets the standards required by the American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis they can apply for board certification and if they meet all requirements will be granted Diplomate status and display the acronym, DABCE, proudly after their name. 

Thank you for your interest and pursuit of clinical excellence. 

Dr. Luis Vera
President, American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis

Please direct any Diplomate certification related questions to the American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis to Dr. Ron Brodkin ([email protected]).

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